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Guangzhou Weisun Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in Suzhou Good-Ark Electronics Co., Ltd. in southern China sales agencies , committed to build the Suzhou solid technetium electronic diode supermarket goal to provide clients with "One Stop Shopping" ( stop ) service, providing customers with quality products and product solutions.

Main products: LED chips, rectifier diodes, fast recovery diodes , switching diodes , field effect transistor (MOS), Schottky diodes (SKY), Zener diode (ZENER), bridge rectifiers , bridge rectifiers miniature , transient voltage suppression diode (TVS), SMD diodes, metal packaging , such as high-power rectifier , a total of more than 50 series , more than 2000 varieties. Suzhou solid technetium electronic "quality of Japan , China price, American speed, six-star service , " under the guidance of the operating principle , after years of effort, our products in electronic communications , household appliances, electronic toys , instruments , widely used security systems, industrial control, computer products and well-known manufacturers of choice.

The company has so far been in good faith, responsibility, excellence and innovative business ideas and services in domestic and international customers. In the promotion of electronic components , applications, to high quality-price products and dedicated service attitude , excellent professional level , for my company to win the support and trust of our customers .